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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Attempt to Approach Perfection in Training

An article worth reading:

An Attempt to Approach Perfection in Training
by Petros Kyprianou MA, USAT&F, USAW
Boise State University combined/jumps events coach

The article is aimed at coaches, but it might be an interesting read to non-coaches as well. The long and short of it - assess the needs of your athletes, and build a program that addresses them efficiently. Don't build a program that is based on your need as a coach to show off what you've got. It isn't about you, but the athlete and what makes the athlete improve.

Thanks to Andrew Wilson for posting this over on the Performance Menu forums earlier today. I first read it there but decided to link to the original site. I wasn't aware of that resource until today. Good stuff!

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