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Friday, January 28, 2011

Proper Back Position

Mark Rippetoe has a new article up over on T-Nation:

Proper Back Position for Power

This article is an excellent example of coaching cues.

Fix one thing at a time - He's got a specific aim in his cues - to get trainees to initiate a proper lower back arch in order to maximize their ability to lift safely and powerfully.

Have different cues for different people - Not everyone learns the same way. He's got cues for visual people, for physical cues people, for people that respond best to exaggerated vulgarity. Not just one cue, but a number of them, in a progression, he can use until everyone is doing it correctly.

Reinforce the cue immediately - After cuing the proper motion, he has the trainee do the exercise that needs the fix - be it a squat, deadlift, or press. This is done while the trainee still feels the effects of the isolated movement that was cued, so the trainee knows how it should feel under the actual weight.

Great stuff.

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