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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Credit card vs. debit card

I was thinking today that many gym-goers, especially those who do it for weight control, consider the body a credit card.

The credit card body approach regards exercise as a way to pay off (work off) accumulated debt (fat) that was accrued from prior spending (earlier eating).

A few regard it as a debit card - that you can't "spend" until you've "saved."

The debit card approach regards exercise as a way to build up a pool of credit, thus earning the right to spend some extra (eat some extra food).

I think in the long run the debit card types win out - they put in the work now, and if they need to they "spend" the results on eating transgressions and days off. They are never in a state of exercise debt, where they need to control their diet and work harder to get rid of what they've already "spent." That spending comes, just like credit card debt, with interest - long term health damage and lost opportunities to do physical things.

Something to think about next time you're working out.
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