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Friday, December 24, 2010

Bad Days make Good Days II

Just recently I posted about bad days and good days, and how they are interrelated. The same day Dave Tate posted a new article with an extremely accurate and important quote that I think is pertinent:

No matter how great the love is – there are times you don’t want to do it, yet find a way to make it work. - Dave Tate.

This applies to everything, not just lifting. Relationships are based on love but often require work. Jobs? Same thing. Studies? You don't always feel like hitting the books. Lifting? Sometimes you just don't have "it" but keep going anyway.

The Functional Strength blog hit the same note recently, too:

Striking Iron

Good days, bad days. The important thing is putting the work and taking advantage when it's all going well.

In everything.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Peter--I was thinking after the last post on bad and good days, that sometimes it's the other way around, and that sometimes the good days cause the bad days, but that that is also a part of the normal course of training. Now you post this link. Paul Carter is saying pretty much what I was thinking, that sometimes the bad days are just part of the pendulum swing. I think his idea of taking some time off after the awesome days is a good idea. Just a day or two. After you hit a PR you probably need a little recovery boost.



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