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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

T-Nation put up a new article by Joe DeFranco today. If you don't know already, that's where I lift twice a week. It's about two hours a week of training, sometimes more, sometimes less, and an immeasurable wealth of training knowledge.

This article is light on the training advice, but it gives a good overview of what you need to succeed. Short version? A self-motivated person with drive and a set of measurable goals. The long version is here:

Are You a G.A.M.E.R.?

Now I'm curious who the 500-pound deadlifting MMA fighter is. When I got there, I think I was one of one MMA guys training at the gym other than my trainer himself. Now there are more than I can keep track of. I won't claim it's got anything to do with me but I feel like I was a fairly early adopter of DeFranco's Training methods in the MMA world. Or at least in NJ.

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