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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Computer posture

One truism of lifting is that you should never take advice from someone who doesn't look like her or she lifts. You are probably not going to get good advice about how to get strong from a weak person, or how to gain weight from a skinny person, or how to run from a sedentary person.

That said, you should definitely consider advice from someone who walks the walk - take yoga advice from a yoga instructor, running advice from a runner, martial arts advice from a martial arts instructor.

This guy doesn't look like he lifts. But he sure looks like he sits at a workstation all day, yet has good posture.

The advice is good, too, although it can use a little more instruction - during the twists his hips and shoulders stay aligned, but he doesn't cue that in you. And I'm not sure what "toxins" are getting cleared with elbow movements. But you can't go far wrong doing these a minute per hour of sitting. I'd add that you should get up and walk around for at least 2 minutes for every 15 minutes you sit, preferably more.

Good stuff for you guys reading my blog sitting down at a workstation or (like I too often am myself) hunched over a tiny laptop.

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