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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad Days make Good Days

Some days at the gym, the dojo, the studio, etc. are good days. You crank out heavy weights for new personal records, you pull off a new move in sparring, you accomplish a new feat of balance or strength or endurance.

Other days, you just don't have it. Nothing works, or not the stuff that's important to you in any case. You just can't pull it all together and wonder if it's worth even being there.

I say yes, it is.

It's my belief - although I can't prove this - that the bad days at the gym make the good days. It's those days when you have to dig deep and every weight feels heavy that you make the gains that show in those personal record-breaking workouts.

And not just for rah-rah personal growth and character building reasons or by providing a contrast, either. I think they do this by forcing your body to adapt under bad circumstances as well as good. I think the consistency of going to the gym and giving it your all week in and week out adds up, and these workouts add at least as much as the good ones. The refusal to bag the workout means you get in extra practice and extra work that helps you adapt to new challenges. You get to see what you have really mastered, because that's what you'll fall back on during the workout when the new stuff isn't working for you.

So next time the training seems to be going against you, remember it's all still building to your goal. Those bad days make the good days happen.

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