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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Gentilcore article at T-Nation

Tony Gentilcore of Cressey Performance wrote a new article over on T-Nation (formerly T-Muscle, and formerly T-Nation before that).

This article includes a few things I like to see:

- anti-rotation exercises for your torso muscles. A major (perhaps the major) role for your abs and lower back is preventing unwanted movement. These types of moves address those.

- body saws. A great, great anti-flexion exercise for the torso. Grab a pair of furniture sliders and feel the awful burn of your abs trying to keep you stable. These are a staple of my client's training once they've mastered the basic plank, and if you try them you'll see why.

- single-leg exercises. In this case, step-ups with the weight forward. I actually prefer to do these with a sandbag than with a barbell, but for most of the same reasons he mentions.

- goblet squats. A favorite of Dan John, and a great (and easy!) way to teach proper squat mechanics.

- shoulder stabilization work. Lots of athletes need to work on shoulder stabilization, and while these exercises seem easy and almost pointlessly wimpy, they are not. They help provide a base for improved strength and fitness.

In general Tony Gentilecore writes excellent articles. This one is no exception, and these exercises are well explained, each has a video, and the reasoning behind each one is fully covered. If you have any interest in the above, it's worth the time to read it.

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