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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Low-High Rotary Press

We use these at my gym, but Bret Contreras has just put up a nice video of these - the low-high rotary press.

What do I need for this? You'll need a cable stack and a stiff pole attachment (although you may be able to DIY one with a wooden dowel, some foam covering, and an eye-ring screw).

Why do I want to do these? This is a useful exercise for a couple of reasons - it's got both a pushing and pulling element in one movement, which isn't common. Plus it's rotational. Take a good look though - the lower back isn't rotating, he's rotating at the hips. This forces the abs and lower back to counter the rotational pull (like a Russian twist, full-contact twist, or a Pallof press) as you work through the motion.

I've been meaning to find a good video of these to post, but Mr. Contreras helped me out courtesy of me being a subscriber to his Youttube channel.
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