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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Whatever that adds up to, that's my total."

I just saw this over on the EliteFTS training logs - Jim Wendler, author of 5/3/1, posted a 650 squat, 405 bench, and 705 deadlift, with no gear except a belt and wraps, in a powerlifting meet. He's got the video up on Youtube, so I tracked back from there to his training log to see what was what.

I love his attitude on competing - "Squat - 585, 650. Passed on my 3rd because I stopped caring." Or "Whatever that adds up to, that's my total." Heh. It just made me smile - competing for yourself, not for your results. I wish I could say I did that - I go home disappointed when I don't win, but I guess in powerlifting it's a bit different, since you can set a PR regardless of what anyone else manages to do or where you rank.

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