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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Econo Prowler vs. Clients, Lessons Learned

Tonight I had two guys I train push my new Econo Prowler. 6 trips, roughly 30-35 yards one way, as a finisher at the end of the workout. That pretty much smashed both of them.

Lessons learned:

- a 45-pound plate on each horn is too much for your first time. Even with the high handles. 25s on each horn was better but still tough.

- better to start low handles out, high handles back, so the suck factor of the low handles is offset by the rest period, and the "ease" of the high handles is mitigated by having just pushed the low handles.

- it's hard to steer the prowler on a slightly curved street (dipping toward the curb or the middle, say). It's slightly easier when it gets heavier, but then any veer tends to halt the push.

- you don't need much technical coaching on this. Just watch to make sure the hips are low and the low back isn't rounded. Otherwise, whatever feels right for the victim, er, trainee, is good.

All in all, a good first push of the prowler for these guys. I could have started lighter, done high handles only, or shorter trips, or all three . . . but this way they know they got worked. We'll be seeing a lot more of this tool in the upcoming workouts. Worth every penny I spent on it, just to make these guys stronger.

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