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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Perhaps the most critical aspect to training outside of the gym is recovery. That is, how do you recover from the exertion in the gym? Doing so isn't a drink, it isn't a special protocol, is basically a combination of sleeping, eating, and resting. This blog post gets more into the details:

Recovery Strategies

It's worth the read. Just about the only disagreement I have is with his recommendation of ibuprofen. I've become slowly convinced that "vitamin I" (as it is sometimes called) is precisely what you don't want for recovery unless you are suffering from actual debilitating inflammation. I generally avoid it now, although the Costco-sized container of it that I have shows I was not always this way. I rely more on sleep, fish oil, and if I'm genuinely in pain a tab or two of aspirin, but otherwise . . . I avoid the NSAIDs. Still, I agree pretty much across the board with the rest of the article. Eat right, supplement wisely (and not excessively), and get some rest and your recovery will be well in hand.

Stu Ward linked to this article over on the EXRX forums. I'm glad he did, this is an excellent blog from what I've read so far. Thanks Stu!
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