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Monday, July 19, 2010

Excellent Turkish Get-Up article

One of my favorite exercises is the Turkish Get-Up or TGU. So much so I have previously collected a few of my favorite TGU links into a single blog post. What's a TGU? Basically, you start prone with a weight - usually a kettlebell - held at arm's length above your body. Then, you stand up, never letting the weight waver from its position directly above you. Once standing, you reverse the movement and get back down. It's a full-body movement with excellent potential for shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening, and it's a great torso exercise, too - especially your abdominal muscles and lower back.

Mike Robertson just put together a really nice step-by-step guide to doing a TGU. Others have been done, but what Mike's really excellent is his careful breakdown of the various phases of the exercise. Each phase has two photographs of a side angle and a front angle of the same position. This is borrowing a trick he has used before in his products, such as Inside/Out, and it's very helpful. You can get a very clear idea of where you started (the previous picture), where you should be (the current one), and where you are going (the next picture). Very, very nice.

I can't recommend this highly enough if you do TGUs or hope to. I've also gone ahead and added a link to that article in my previous TGU links blog post. If you plan to do TGUs, check my prior post (linked above) as well as Mike Robertson's article, as the previous post has links to some good video as well.

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