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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

30-Day Transformation, now with sodium manipulation

T-Muscle just did a roundtable discussion about 30-day transformations. Because 30 days isn't a lot of time to build up, the experts talk dieting down.

From Dud to Stud

I'm mostly bringing up this article because

a) One of my readers is trying to lose body fat, follows PN, and is endlessly amused by Dave Tate's bluntness, so I think he'd be interested in reading it;


b) Shelby Starnes writes up a good, brief summation of how to water/salt load and then cut for a specific target date. He's doing it more for appearance (bodybuilding show, photo shoot) than performance, but it's functionally the same cut I've used for weigh-ins for a competition.

The workout advice and diet advice is interesting, although it's not all in agreement - you can't easily merge Shelby Starnes' carb-cycling advise with John Berardi's 10 kcals per pound advice, for example.

Another note - this finally answers a question I had about a previous Shelby Starnes article on carb cycling - he's not counting "incidental" macronutrients, just the main one for that food. I was wondering how you get, say, 0 fat in a day when even chicken and oatmeal has some, or how you kept the carbs so low without cutting out all veggies. I think that's harder to deal with than counting kcals Berardi style, but it's an interesting note that will make me go back and re-read Starnes' takes on carb cycling.

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