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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Diet article

This time, the article is from T-Muscle. Contains, as usual for them, Not W/F Safe images.

The Green Faces Diet

The main idea of this one is a very, very simple low-carb vegetable-heavy diet. It's just green vegetables (so yeah, no red peppers, carrots, blueberries, cauliflower, etc.) and anything with a face (meat, fish) or which would have one (i.e. eggs). Why so simple? They explain it in the article, but it's meant to be dead-simple and hard to cheat on. Hard to justify odd stuff as "vegetables" if you're only allowed a short list of green veggies.

Of course, they make an exception for peri-workout nutrition - in other words, what you eat during your workout. And they plug, plug, plug their own peri-workout protocol. You could use your own. There isn't any reason a shake of whey plus simple carbs would be a problem here. I use whey isolate and concentrate plus maltodextrin and dextrose (sugar, basically); lots of people mix gatorade powder with protein.

This is basically carb-cycling with a bang. You eat low-carb - it's hard to get a lot of carbs when you eat nothing but green vegetables, even if you go crazy and stuff yourself - and high protein, with plenty of healthy fats from fish. You give yourself carbs and an insulin spike right around the workout window, which helps build muscle. The rest of the time you eat low carb, keeping your body from getting too much of an insulin raise and storing fat.

It's not a bad way to jump into carb-cycling and a no-grains diet, if you want to go hard-and-heavy from the word go. It's not complicated, either. There are a lot of ways to do a similar diet (Precision Nutrition ultimately takes a similar approach, but with more vegetable variety), but this is a simple and direct one.
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