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Friday, October 8, 2010

Home workouts for women

I recently stumbled across this site thanks to a Washington Post article:

Squeeze It In

I'm not certain about this website. I haven't really been able to dig that deep. But from what I've seen, it does seem pretty promising.

The laundry squats does have a very good description of how to do a nice, deep squat (although it warns you about letting your knees go over your ankles...maybe they mean past the toes? Which still isn't an issue).

The countertop pushups are done with good form, too. So are the side planks done on an angle, which isn't a bad way to start for people for whom a full side plank is difficult.

The idea seems good, too - squeezing in some working out, taking away the "I don't have time" argument. It's interesting enough so I wanted to pass it along. Moms, what do you think? Are you going to add laundry squats into your weekly routine? I usually use the "upend the hamper over the washing machine" method, but that's pretty low-rep.

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  1. This mom thinks that you should just make the time to do actual sit ups or pushups or go for a walk or whatever exercise. Do the laundry when you're doing the laundry (not overhead lifts). Sweep when you're sweeping...don't do lunges. Make time to floss your teeth. Do each thing mindfully and well. It's all about priorities. Every mom has the time to take a walk around the block. No need to infantilize the exercise.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, that's why I'm torn. It features good form, and good exercises, but it just seems like you could just upend the hamper, do other stuff while the pot boils, and then have a real workout.


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