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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Being there

I train clients of a variety of ages and goals in a (relatively) small variety of locations.

One of my clients is rather young, and I train this client in a more commercial-style gym. This client is inevitably drawn to the TV, which you can see in any direction thanks to multiple TVs and lots of mirrors. The eyes turn, the head turns, and even as pulldowns come down and overhead presses go up, the head faces the TV.

Contrast this with one of my friends, who is 100% in the moment at all times. The attention is utterly focused on the technique, the resistance, the body position. Nothing is going to pull this trainee away from the training until it's done.

Guess which one of these people has better technique, gets better results, and enjoys training more?

Being there - really into your training, feeling the muscles, feeling the weight and the roughness of the handles and the smoothness of the chalk, being aware of the sweat and effort - is critical. Going through the motions has some value, but it's got to be the exception not the rule. If it's the rule, you are limiting yourself. Shut off the TV or deliberately face away, and put your mind into what you are doing. Tell a Friend

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