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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big PR

I generally do not use this blog to report PRs, but this was a big one for me.

I deadlifted 1 x 335, at a bodyweight of 190, on Monday afternoon. This was a 40 pound PR, and I pulled it after pulling a 10 pound PR! I'd like to thank my own coach, John Impallomeni of DeFranco's Training Systems for making me strong enough to pull it, and for telling me to "put 335 on there" after I pulled 305. If it wasn't for him, I'd have tried perhaps 315 for one, and left 20 pounds on the floor of the gym untested.

I won't claim it was a pretty rep, but a rep max never is, is it? You fail for a reason, and technical form breaks down a little. For me, I felt my back round, but I finished it with my hips and not with back flexion.

+40 on a deadlift, in a matter of only a number of months, is worth a post on my blog. Tell a Friend

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