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Monday, April 19, 2010

Food Critic Diet

This is not actually a diet. However, Sam Sifton, New York Times food critic, wrote out a week's foods and a week's exercise.

It's probably not how you eat. It's not how I eat, either. But it's a good example of a few things:

- a food log. He knows what he ate those days. It's an estimate of calories but it's the actual food. He is cognizant of what he's taking in.

- an exercise log. He wrote it down, another critical basic move.

- it's cumulative. He recognizes that exercise and food is cumulative - it adds up over a day or week. Nothing negates anything else; it's all a total.

- timing is important. Notice he's logging when he eats food. The really bad point is his tendency - job related? - to eat a very large meal late in the day and much less before it.

I'm half impressed with his workout. The good stuff? Pushups in bunches, pullups in bunches as well. Situps are fine too. Running for distance . . . eh, if you like it, sure. Go for it. The bad stuff? A lot of machines at the end, all in the hypertrophy range. No legs unless he's doing machines - he'd do a lot of good if he'd thrown in some squats or lunges.

Here is the article: My Life in Food

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