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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stand Up!

Here is a quick tip for anyone training: Stand up.

If at all possible, do your lifting standing up. Some lifts do require that you sit down - like most cable rows, for example. A few require you to be supine - such as the bench press or floor press.

Otherwise, do it standing. Don't do seated curls if you can do standing curls, don't press weights overhead while seated if you can do it standing.

Standing is much more like how you'll be using your strength - lifting groceries, picking up your kids, pushing over an opposing player, whatever. It's rare you'll be called on to use your strength seated. If so, your standing strength will carry over. Your seated strength may, but you'll lose out on the benefits of balance and training your body to compensate for moving weight will standing.

So just stand up!

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