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Monday, March 1, 2010

Renegade Rows/Lunge Circuit or Finisher

Twice so far I have used this quick circuit - actually just a superset of unrelated muscle groups - when I'm unable to get to MMA class. I still want a workout, but nothing too complicated or featuring too much maximal effort. Snow may stop me getting to the school but not hitting my weights at home!

5 rounds of:
10 renegade rows
15 alternating reverse lunges per leg
1 minute rest between rounds

I've blogged about renegade rows before.
The lunges are done alternating legs, so you get 30 reps in but each leg gets to rest while the other works for one rep. Your lungs don't get any rest.

This one is easy to scale up, too. Here are just a few of my ideas for how I'll scale this up next time:

- use heavier dumbbells for the renegade rows, or use kettlebells.
- add a vest to make the pushups and reverse lunges harder.
- use the dumbbells from the rows for the lunges, or keep another pair handy to load them up.
- shorten the rest.
- use thick-handled dumbbells to make the rows harder on the forearms.
- use an aerobic step for the pushups and rows to make them harder, and lunge backwards off the step for additional range-of-motion.

Or mix them up.

This isn't meant as a heavy, maximum effort workout. But it should get your blood flowing. This can easily be used for 3 rounds or so as a finisher after another workout.

I'm not claiming to be the originator of this one. I'm sure someone else has done it before. It just seemed like a logical combination - renegade rows for push, pull, and abdominal stability, and lunges for unilateral leg strength.

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