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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Technique First

I trained a variety of people today, and all of them showed some form of compensation pattern we needed to fix. Mostly compensating for a current or prior injury. It's not just them - I have the same general problem.

What I basically told them was this:

Your body will find a way to do a motion if you demand it. It will find a way to lift the weight, make the step, climb the stairs, pull the bar down. That's not the goal.

The goal of weight training is to do it correctly, in the way that's best suited to your long-term health and success, and then progressively add resistance to strengthen it. If you put weight before technique, you'll teach yourself to compensate for weakness with bad form. The goal isn't to move the weight, it's to train the body to perform a motion correctly with increased strength and efficiency.

Something to keep in mind the gym.

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