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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In the "Do I really need to learn this?" category comes the subject of breathing. Obviously, we're all doing it, automatically and unconsciously, or we'd be dead.

But recently I received a testing protocol I'd agreed to do, and one of the tests is a breath hold for time. That may seem a bit strange but the test is for MMA competitors, who routinely get choked and thus must develop some capacity for holding on without taking in - or letting out - a breath.

There was a short but interesting article on breathing over at T-Nation (formerly T-Muscle, formerly T-Nation before that . . . ) on the subject of breathing. It mostly covers the abdominal vacuum exercise and some breathing practice, but it's interesting to read nonetheless.

But yes, we have to re-learn how to eat and move, now we're re-learning how to breathe. Make of it what you will!
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