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Friday, September 10, 2010

Snatch Grip Deadlift

In response to a question I had about improving my own deadlift, Stephen Johnson over on the EXRX forums suggested I look at this article, which discusses the snatch grip deadlift.

What is a snatch-grip deadlift? Essentially it is a very wide-grip deadlift, using the same grip you would use for an Olympic snatch. For a very tall lifter, this is often collar-to-collar. This forces you much lower, which reduces the weight you can use but also involves the posterior chain - the hamstrings, gluteals, and back - to a great degree than even the deadlift. Grip can be a limiter, though, because of the extreme width of the hands. It's of the rare lifts that even strap-hating lifters will accept straps on. It's just not meant to challenge the grip, so it's okay not to allow the grip to limit you.

It's a good discussion of the lift, and ways lifters use it to increase their overall strength.

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