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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Training Tip: Work your weakness

One simple tip you can follow is always work your weakness.

When you work it, work it first. Strong on pullups but weak on overhead pressing? Press overhead first in your workout. Your bench is strong but your deadlift is weak? Get deadlifting when you get in, and bench later that workout or later in the weak. Put the things you need to work the most, first.

The classic and of-repeated story is of Arnold and his calves. Arnold had weak calves, so he cut off the bottoms of his workout pants to show them off, and made working them a priority until they caught up to the rest of his physique. Now, that's a bodybuilder example, with a body part weakness. But for athletes and "getting in shape" types, it's usually a movement. What movement do are you weakest at? Can you work on it to improve it? Can you make it a priority?

Prioritize what you need to get good at, not what you're already good at.

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