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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Basics: Bar Weight

Do I count the bar weight? Yes! Bars are not weightless. If you're squatting with an Olympic bar and have two 45 pound plates on the bar, it's 135 pounds. Not 90! log it as get credit for the work you're doing.

How much does it weigh? That depends. Many bars have different weights.

A typical Olympic bar weighs 45 pounds.

A typical 7' standard bar weighs 20 pounds.

A typical E-Z curl bar weighs 20 pounds if it has Olympic collars, 10 pounds if not.

Pre-loaded fixed-weight barbells are labeled with their total weight, so don't worry there. Same with dummbells. And kettlebells are usually listed clearly with their weight in kg or pounds on the side.

So count that bar weight in your training log!

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