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Monday, November 22, 2010

Article Review: Dose and Duration

I'd like to call your attention to the article Dose and Duration by Kyle Newell, published over on Elite FTS.

I think this article makes a point about unnecessary complication better than I. And I've been trying and trying to get that point across to everyone I can - use the simplest exercise protocol you can, and do just enough to get it to help you improve. Do that until it doesn't work, and then modify it until it works again. Repeat repeatedly.

But I think Mr. Newell makes the point very well by comparing it to medicine:

If I was sick and my doctor prescribed 100 mg a day of such and such antibiotic for one week and it worked, why would I need to increase the dose or duration? Because more is better? I don’t think so. The only thing that would happen is that I would need more and more each subsequent time until it didn’t work at all anymore.

Yes, that. Exactly that.

He later poses three questions you should ask yourself before making any changes:

" * Is the current program still working?
* Have we had any unloading weeks?
* What is the simplest change I can make to the program to continue progress?

Again, exactly that. Don't change if it's working, try a light deload week to recover without losing any strength, and only then change it - with the simplest possible change to keep it rolling.

Great article. Highly recommended.

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