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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jason Nunn's Core progression

Jason Nunn recently posted an article about "core training." The "core" is that overused term that is used to describe the muscles of your midsection and lower back. Overused, but nonetheless accurate enough. All of your standing exercises will heavily involve your "core" and so will most sports endeavors. Training it can take a variety of forms. But with so many exercises the choose from, how do you know where to begin? Once and exercise becomes relatively easy, what is the next step to make it just hard enough to force additional adaptation?

Jason posted this article to help:
Core Training Progressions

The listed progressions seem basically sound - the stuff that halts me and some of my clients seems to be a high-water mark. The ones with problems with a plank don't get anywhere with an ab wheel, for example. Jason's got a much larger base of experience (and clients) to draw on but I was pleased to see that my experience matched it. If you're doing core training but aren't quite sure what to progress to (or regress to), read the article and watch the excellent video embedded in it.

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