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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glider Body Saw

Recently I've begun to do an exercise called the glider body saw. "Glider" from "furniture slider" or a glide pad, "body saw" because it looks like you're sawing a log with your body. Since the name isn't that common, I had to track down a video when someone asked what they were. Here it is:

I first heard of these from my boss at work, but also saw them here:
The Best Ab Exercises (T-Muscle, not W/FS)

Why would I do these? These are a good substitute for an ab wheel exercise or other anti-extension core exercise. They are a good step up from planks, too - you need to hold a good plank first.

How do I do these in my program? I've done them for reps and for time. Either seems very effective in achieving a training effect - improved performance in this exercise the next time and in other exercises over time - so I don't think there is any "special" way you need to program them.

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