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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't change until you have to

Frequently you'll hear people say something like "I've been dumbbell bench pressing for 8 weeks, should I change it up?" or "I've been doing this program for six weeks and it's giving me great results, but I think it's time to change."

The answer to the first question should be "Is it still working? If so, don't change anything." To the second, it should be "If it's still working, why are you changing it?"

Despite that, the person asking will probably change workouts. I mean, it's been weeks, and they don't want to stall out/fail to confuse the muscles/miss out on something better.

Why is this so? What is with our attention span that we'll change something that is working just to change it?

The advice I've given and continue to give is, if your program is working, if an exercise is working, don't change it. Keep doing what's giving you results, if those are the results you want. That is the key - do what is working until it stops working, then change it.

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  1. This is so true. By following a routine for a longer period of time, one gets used to the ranges of motion and then one can start lifting real heavy. Consequently your gains star showing. But if you continue to change your workout every 6 week or so, you will have to cut down the weight at first to master the technique first everytime you start afresh. The secret of gaining muscle is lifting heavy.

  2. Yes, exactly. You end up veering off the path to your goals just as you're starting to get close. It's painful to watch.

    Thanks for reading!


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