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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hammering for charity

I'm impressed by strongman training in general, and I'm a sucker for strongman endurance events. You did how much for how long?

Rob over at Kettlebell Sport did a charity event, whacking a tire with a heavy sledgehammer. Here is his blog post on the subject.

Dave Tate has been interviewed a few times recently, and he's been trying to get money raised for lymphoma research (via Lift Strong). He has essentially raised a challenge, pointing out that the endurance community fund-raises like crazy but the strength community, not so much. It's nice to see someone doing something in this same vein.

So, congratulations to Rob for stepping up here and raising a nice whack of money for charity, and doing one of my favorite exercises - smacking something with a hammer!

While you're there browse through his archives for some really impressive kettlebell work, too.

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  1. Cheers Peter, you're right that all the endurance folk seem to do all the fundraising. I thought the hammer striking would seem a bit bizzare to most but when people realised that the hammer was 55lb with nearly a 2 inch thick handle I seemed to get a lot more people sponsoring me for that reason. I got to train for something and the charity got a good amount of cash.


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