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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Link Recommendation: Mass Made Simple

I'm still very sick, so just another cheap link for today. But it's a good one - mass gain by Dan John, using a nice combination:

5/3/1 progression compound lifts
High-rep back squats (similar, but not the same as, Super Squats.)

Sounds like a winner, and he says it's working for his teams. Hard to see why it wouldn't, if you did it heavy and ate well enough. If you know how to do the lifts and have enough time under the bar to determine your maxes (for doing 5/3/1) it should work for beginners as well as more experienced lifters.

Here's a quote to get you started, one that needs to be etched into the brain of every beginner struggling to put on mass or add weight to the bar:
You need to do two things to get stronger: add weight and do more reps. The answer has never been: lift light weights for high reps, or lift heavy weights for few reps. The answer remains: Lift heavy weights for high reps.

Mass Made Simple

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