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Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Benefits of Coaching

There are more benefits, but for today, here are three:

1) Your coach can see what you're struggling with. Even if you don't know you're struggling, or if you know but don't want to admit it. An external but interested and trained eye watching you as you progress can detect problems you are having that you aren't aware of.

2) Your coach can address your weaknesses. Again, even if you can't see them or won't see them. If you are having systematic problems with an area of your training, it might be hard to focus on it. After all, it's never enjoyable to focus on your weak areas. A coach has no such issues - you expect results, and weak points are an easy area to focus on to get them.

3) Your coach will hold you accountable. Simply put, if you show up for a workout, you have to show up and work. Someone is right there to make sure you do the work and do it correctly.

This is why even strength coaches often go to other coaches for training, workout plans, and feedback on exercises and results.

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