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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Extreme Pullup

This guy, Steven Proto, posts as "extremistpullup" over on EXRX, and he deserves the name.

The former Marine did a pullup with his bodyweight of 205.2 pounds plus 196.8 pounds of weight around his waist, setting a new world record.

Here is the article.

Very impressive!

So what are these "obscure maneuvers" the article mentions?

The Half Gardner is basically a barbell Turkish Get-Up that starts from the top. An excellent description of the lift can be found here.

The one-arm Zercher is a new one for me. The Zercher Squat I know - squat with a barbell or sandbag held in the crook of your arms. I can only assume the one-arm Zercher is the same lift done with either a dumbbell, barbell (ouch!), or sandbag and one arm.

The Steinborn lift is a way to get a barbell to your shoulders without a squat rack. Basically you stand a loaded barbell on one end, get against it, and then lever it onto your back. Check the pictures on Diesel Crew.

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