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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Article Review: What Women Should Never Do . . .

Over on Elite FTS there is a very well-written article about dietary mistakes made by women.

What Women Should Never, But Often, Do While Trying to Get in Shape - Part 2

It's not just women who make these mistakes, of course, but it's probably more common* to see these exact issues with women. Plus the article is written by a woman, for women, and thus is probably much more female-friendly than the same article would seem if written by a man.

The advice is all solid, and rings true - there is no perfect plan, falling off the wagon means you are only one meal away from being back on, consistency matters, and you can't fret about the details until you've mastered the big stuff.

Highly recommend read.

* Men have their own issues, like not eating enough while trying to gain weight, or eating way too much for too long and calling it a "bulking cycle" instead of "consistent overeating."

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