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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Complex Training

A while back I reviewed an article by Joe DeFranco called Strength and Flexibility Exercises for Fighters.

During a recent discussion about bands, Kenny Croxdale, NSCA-CSCS, mentioned an article he'd written on the same subject, called Building Strength and Power With Complex Training.

The idea behind these two articles is the same. In Joe's article, he discusses supersetting a strength exercise (such as a maximum-effort, heavy bench press) with a power/speed exericse (such as hitting a heavy bag or throwing a med ball). Kenny's approach is very much the same - follow a heavy set of weighted dips with a set of (relatively) light and fast bench presses. Good stuff!

The idea is to prime the body for explosive movements by lifting heavy (and thus activating the central nervous system and the musculature requires to move a heavy weight) and then going lighter to teach yourself to explode powerfully.

I really like these kinds of combinations, and I'm going to add them into more of the training I do. Jumps after squats, for example, and throws after presses.

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