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Friday, August 6, 2010


A recent discussion of sources for the Poliquin article I (and Jason Nunn) linked to led to this post. Often you'll see people say "studies have shown" but won't give you enough to find the study. That makes accepting the results a matter of faith - you don't really know if the study was 10 untrained college kids over a two-week period or 25,000 men and women over a 10-year period. Without understanding who and what was studied, it's hard to see how the conclusions really extend to you and your training.

So thanks to Stu Ward for finding this article by Clarence Bass, looking at the Tufts article Charles Poliquin seems to be referencing, and highlighting the original book that article discusses.

With "show your sources" in mind, I went ahead and tracked down the Tufts article itself. You can download this article here. Click on the download pdf button, and then append a .pdf to the name of the file you are saving. It should be "4010" with no extension. That's the article.

Based on this article and the Tufts article, I went ahead and asked my library to pull a copy of "Biomarkers" for me. I'll get it, read it, and review it here. But these two articles seem to be sufficient on their own to get you started.

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  1. Peter--thanks for posting that link. I looked right at it several times while I was searching, as I was expecting to see "Biomarkers" in the title! I'll look forward to your review of the book.



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