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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brian Grasso on Teaching Coordination

Eric Cressey has a guest blog up by Brian Grasso on training coordination in young athletes.

Since I work with a lot of younger trainees, this is spot-on for me.

Coordination Training: A Continuum of Development for Young Athletes

The idea that you need to ingrain skills at a young age to do that skill at a high level is an interesting one. I don't doubt it - the example of Michael Jordan is especially instructive. So is the idea that you can always add a skill later, just less efficiently and effectively. This explains so many of my problems in the martial arts. I started too late!

My friend brought this up Saturday during MMA class - very timely!
"Detective Kenner (aka Dolph Lundgren): How long did you study?
Johnny Murata: Since I was four.
Det. Kenner: Should've started earlier. That would've helped your form.
Johnny Murata: I was four!"
- Showdown in Little Tokyo

You can never start earlier enough to satisfy some people. Or to hit a minor league fastball.

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