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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Link Recommendation: SquatRx Slow Cooker

I link to SquatRx on my blog page, but this post deserves a special look:

Training Supplement Review #2: Slow Cooker

It's got a simple but direct message - cook and eat real food if you want to change your body shape. Lose fat? It'll take exercise and real food. Gain muscle? Same thing. Even if you "can't" cook, a slow cooker is a way to get that real food into your diet.

I don't use one myself, because I prefer to whip up my meals as I go. But I've sampled the benefits of one first hand with others' cooking. It's simple to use and you won't have an excuse to eat junk when you've got a pot of pre-made chili waiting in the fridge . . .

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