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Thursday, February 4, 2010

If your deadlift is sub-par, maybe this will be some inspiration.

Or if it's not, maybe this will be your own challenge.

Here is UFC fighter Tom Lawlor ( and here at Sherdog doing 100 reps of the deadlift at 315 pounds, in 30 minutes.

It's sped up, don't worry. But it's a good example of how to plow through 100 reps of something you can't do 100 times. Break it up into digestible chunks, and get through those a chunk at a time. He starts out with 5s, then starts doing smaller groups and occasionally larger ones, too - usually when an extra rep would hit a round number. I do this all the time - I may be stuck at doubles of whatever when I get to 77, but I'll sure as heck find 3 to get to 80.

I hope gutting through this helps his MMA, but even if not, it's pretty cool.

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