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Monday, November 2, 2015

Upper Back Add-On Routine

Just the other day I pointed out the problem I see with trying two programs at once.

This program, however, is pretty unusual - it's deliberately designed as an add-on for other programs.

What you need:

- one or two exercise bands (mini bands - generally 1/2" wide 41" long)
- your bodyweight
- a willingness to add one or two exercises a day for three weeks.

3 Weeks to a JACKED Upper Back
by Joe DeFranco

What I like about this program is:

- it's very focused.
- it's meant as an add-on.
- it's realistic - it is low intensity exercise, with a low overall volume (that is, sets x reps x weight)
- it's from a coach with a proven track record (this is how Joe D has people build up their upper back)
- most people need more upper back exercises, done for higher reps and done correctly.

This is very similar to how I trained upper back during the roughly 3 years I spent training a DeFranco's gym in Wyckoff, NJ. Lots of reps, lots of light stuff, lots of time under tension. I'd come in from a "low reps, heavy" approach to my back, and I responded extremely well to the bodyweight, light weight, and band exercises.

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