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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Free shipping at CFF on CFF gear

Just a quick FYI:

Christian's Fitness Factory has free shipping on all of their CFF-brand training gear.

This really means "shipping costs are folded into the item's cost." So a first blush some of their gear - bars, kettlebells, etc. might seem expensive. But there is no shipping cost to discover during the checkout process.

That's often derailed purchases for me - add a kettlebell, add a band, add a vest, etc. to my cart, apply a discount, and then- BAM! - shipping overwhelms the savings I expected from the sale. Or prices the gear well out of what I have budgeted for that piece of equipment.

In the past I've bought a dragging sled, a kettlebell, and a few small pieces of gear from CFF. They're a quality outfit - good gear, good prices, great customer service.

I recently picked up a single micro-mini band for scapula/rotator cuff exercises to replace my old EliteFTS one (wearing out after over 5 years of hard use.) It wasn't as cheap as other places on the surface, but it was cheaper overall when you factor in shipping.

This "free shipping" thing snuck up on me, so I wanted to pass it on to my readers who might want to take advantage.

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