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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is your Thanksgiving Day workout?

I'm a big fan of holiday workouts.

Get in a good, hard workout in the morning, then go enjoy a food-filled day with the family.

Here is a variation of one I've used in the past.

1) Trap Bar Deadlift - work up to a heavy set of 5 or finish a 5/3/1 cycle.
2) Trap Bar Deadlift - 5 sets of 10 @ 50%, 1 minute rest (rigidly timed)
3) Swiss Ball Leg Curls - 5 sets of 15
4) Pushups - 1 set max reps
5) Chinups - 1 set max reps

If I'm somewhere without equipment, I favor something more like this:

5 rounds of:

50 Squats
20 Pushups
20 Situps

Or 10 rounds of:

10 burpees into 10 pushups (burpee with pushup)

These days I'm working through a rehab issue, and I need to workout at home while cooking a turkey, so my workout plan for tomorrow is this:

1) Warmup (a lot of mobility movements)
2) Step Downs - 6 sets of 20, working up in depth
3) Balance Drills - 3 sets of 30-60 seconds per side

4) Single-Leg Box Squats - 5 sets of 10 each side, down only


4) Bulgarian Split Squats - 5 sets of 5 each side, 3 seconds down/3 seconds up

5a) Single-Leg Glute Bridges - 3 sets of 15 each leg with ball squeezed between the knees
5b) Glute Bridge - 3 sets of 15 reps with ball squeezed between the knees
6a) Band Rows - 3 sets of 10 with light band, 3 sets of 10 with medium band
6b) Pushups - 3 sets of 10, 3 seconds down/3 seconds up
7) Ws - 1 set of 100 band Ws
8) Band Pull Aparts - 1 set of 100 with mini band
9) Stretches

I'll feel good about getting after some turkey after I get after that. I'd love to be doing the trap bar workout, but that's not on the table this year . . . but I will still work hard before I eat well.

How about you?

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