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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Training Terminology: Time Under Tension

Training Terminology: Time Under Tension

Time Under Tension (frequently abbreviated to TUT) is simply the amount of time the muscles utilized in the exercise are under tension - moving or supporting the weight. If your set takes 45 seconds to complete, your TUT was 45 seconds.

How do I use this? The implementation of TUT varies wildly, with everything from high reps done for a specific amount of time, to very slow reps, to isometric holds (in other words, straining without movement). TUT concerns have been used to dissuade lifters from locking out their joints during motions, because (despite being anatomically designed to do so) they might suffer injury from supporting weight. TUT is usually held up as the best way to hypertrophy (increase in size) your muscles, but it has both strong arguments for and against it. I don't intend to get into it here, just let you know what it means when people talk about TUT.

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