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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Reverse Hyper, or Not to Reverse Hyper

The Reverse Hyper is a device invented by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. It's used to develop the gluteals, back, and hamstrings. Louie Simmons invented it initially to rehabilitate his back after injury.

Recently, Mike Robertson posted a blog called "Re-Building the Reverse Hyper" about the risk-to-reward ratio of using a reverse hyper. Short version - it's too risky and can potentially injure you.

Jim Smith aka Smitty of Diesel Crew posted on his blog in response, showing how to use a reverse hyper with a technique he feels is safe and effective.

(Originally this post ended with these lines:
Who you choose to side with is really your call; these are two knowledgeable trainers making a good case for their opinion.

But Jim Smith commented below and made it clear that's a pretty inaccurate summary. Better to say that Mike Robertson discusses why he thinks the standard technique can be harmful and Jim Smith posted a variant technique to addresses that concern while still making use of the reverse hyper.

Thanks to Jim Smith for commenting and my apologies for making it sound like there is a disagreement were one doesn't exist)


  1. My post was in support of Mike Robertson's post. He stated the same facts that I did and said the lift was safe "However, with some minor modifications, you have an exercise that not only spares the spine, but develops the glutes and hamstrings to a high degree as well."

    Since Mike didn't provide a video, I wanted to build upon what he stated and actually show how it can be used safely.

  2. Smitty, thanks a lot for posting.

    My tage line does make it sound like you guys are in opposition where you actually aren't. I was trying to contrast the "it's unsafe" idea of Mike Robertson's post with the modified reverse hyper method you posted.

    I'll post an edit that makes that more clear.

  3. No problem. Thanks for correcting my error so politely, and for checking out blog.


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