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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Basics aren't Boring

This excellent article, Don't get bored with the basics, explains something trainers and trainees alike need to know.

The basics aren't boring. Doing the simple things, the fundamentals, correctly, is the basis of all growth and progress.

People get bored with repetition, but if you continue to progress, is that really important?

Focus on the improvement towards a goal, not on the method of getting there.

If you get bored you're not working hard enough.

Yes, exactly. People don't get bored with progress. "Oh, squats again? You mean I have to squat more weight today? Bo-ring." I have yet to hear that. I've heard "Are you sure I can do it?" or "Let's go heavy" or "Someday I want to load up all of those plates over there and squat all of them."

It might get boring if you always squat the same weight, same sets, same reps. But that's not going to get you anywhere. Even if your goal is to maintain not progress, you can do that by switching up the sets, reps, and weights to avoid sheer repetitive stress.

But unlike the author, I do get bored counting reps. I have to get my clients to count their own except on "do as many as you can" counts. Or tricky countdowns.


  1. Actually, I said I did get bored counting reps, which is why we usually don't go over 5.

    Sometimes we do 20 rep squats, I have to count them for the lifter. If you're doing a genuine 20 rep squat you'll lose count. I find it a bit boring, but the poor lifter is squatting, sweating and groaning, I can at least count it for them.

  2. @Kyle: Sorry if I misquoted you! But I really like the articles on your site.


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