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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick Tip: Place your feet, don't land on your feet

Quick tip when jumping:

Don't just land on the floor, or the box you're jumping onto. Instead, think of placing your feet down on the box. Reach down with your feet as you hit the apex of your jump and step down to the box or floor.

What this will do is allow you to land softly, like a cat, instead of heavily, like a ton of bricks. This will improve your jumping, cushion your ankles and knees against a hard landing, and allow you to land more securely on even an unstable surface.

For more advice on landing, don't forget about Jason Nunn's excellent article on the subject. Trying to "reach" with your feet won't cure all of your landing problems, but it will help stop heavy-footed landings. Give it a try!

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