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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Product Review: The Rub

The Arnica Rub - Muscle Cream

This product is a homeopathic pain relief cream. According to the label, it's aimed at stiffness, injuries (pretty broad, eh?), muscle pain, back pain, bruises, and sprains. Its active ingredients include arnica montana, belladona, comfrey, witch hazel, and St. John's wort. It is petroleum and paraben free.

I've found it very effective for topical pain relief for muscle and joint aches. You don't need a lot, although you do need to really rub it in. You can't just smooth it on and hope. I've been using this whenever I get a particularly bad episode of muscular pain, a strained or pulled muscle (common in my sport), or bruising (especially common in my sport!). The pain relief aspect works very quickly. The product - and arnica in general - are billed as healing injuries or speeding recovery. I'm not able to tell you if it's really doing that or not. But it does seem to take away the pain, and if that is merely masking while I heal, it does it well.

It's also very effective on black-and-blues. I use it regularly to "wipe away" black and blue marks in less than a day. This is handy when I need to work and not, say, have finger-tip print bruises down my arm.

I highly recommend this cream. It's not expensive, and it's very handy to have. The lack of petroleum in it makes it non-greasy, and its lack of odor means you don't drive people away ala Ben Gay or Tiger Balm.

You can get it direct from the company - I linked to their site above. It's also available from Vitamin Shoppe or

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