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Friday, September 18, 2009

Your 4 pounds of food

According to John Berardi, PhD, the average person puts away between 3 and 5 pounds of food a day. What it consists of will determine how many calories and how much nutritional benefit you get from eating.

What Are Your 4 Pounds Made Of?

It's a very interesting and though-provoking blog post. It ends with a push for the Precision Nutrition system - which I haven't tried myself. But that aside, it's really interesting. What are you eating? How much of your daily intake is healthy and beneficial?

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  1. Today I ate 2 eggs on toast with cheese, a banana, a small greek yogurt with blueberries, 8oz OJ.
    a small portion of eggplant parmigiana (tasting really)
    2oz of sliced roast beef with cheese on wheat bread with tomato and horseradish sauce.
    a handful of wasabi peas

    Two fried chicken cutlets with hot cherry peppers. Half cup of peas. a few ounces of fried potatoes.

    3 cookies (I allow myself cookies on Friday with coffee) 160 calories.

    100 cal of cheese, a slice of soppressata, and a small mixed handful of dried cranberries and almonds.

    I eat way too much cheese for its caloric density. This was a bad day- I'd eaten all my edamame and grapes/strawberries earlier in the week. And I had few green veg today. I'll definitely amp up the veggies and reduce the cheese next week!


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