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Monday, August 3, 2009

Abs Diet 2 DVD

The Abs Diet 2 DVD is a workout DVD for the Abs Diet series of books.

Sound Options - it comes in English, Spanish, and a music-only track for when you want to do the workout without listening to the instructor's cues.

Workouts - 3, 4, 5, and 6 times a week. Divided into beginner and advanced. The workouts are largely circuit-based and time-based. Each features the male main instructor and two fit-and-thin women in the background. The workouts are done follow-along style, with a warmup and then the workout. True to the Abs Diet philosophy, you start with the abs and move on from there. Also true to Abs Diet philosophy, beginners train 3 times a week, and you work up to 6 times a week for advanced trainees.

One downside is certainly the level of difficulty - some of the exercises will be too hard even for a beginner. But on the other hand this means once you have gotten good at them the video will have a longer lifespan of utility - you will need more time to get the beginner workout down and then move on to advanced. The time-based workouts are also good for beginners and advanced alike, because they scale naturally - if you can't do a lot of reps in 60 seconds, you just don't. As you improve, you do more reps and keep your own progression going.

Mix and Match Workouts - this section is actually very clever. You can choose from 5 different levels and types of workout - the ones featured in the earlier workouts. As you pick them, it queues them up as a temporary playlist. You can choose up to 10 and then start. This allows for a really customized experience while still getting a follow-along workout video.

The Abs Diet Meal Plan - this is a bonus section, and it just outlines the ABS DIET POWER foods described in the Abs Diet book.

Content: 4 out of 5. It delivers on its promise of a follow-along workout video with everything you need. The exercises are shown with good form and are generally very good choices.
Presentation: 4 out of 5. The music gets annoying pretty quickly, even on the music-only track. The presentation is somewhat bland, but it is easy to follow.

Overall the video is quite good, but only if you need a follow-along DVD in order to train. If not, save your money.

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